A Better Way to Buy your Makeup


So, apparently, I haven’t been the only one who’s been inconvenienced and disappointed by the fact that I have to go all the way in to the Tysons Corner Galleria in order to get ahold of my favorite lipstick shade. So frustrating. And what if you want to try something new? Good luck with that in a department store. The ladies behind the counter sure aren’t going to let you have enough of a free sample to know for certain whether you want to buy the whole thing. 

I guess they put customer service on the backburner when they know they’re your only option for getting what you want. That’s a terrible situation for someone to be in when all they want is to look smart and professional.

A girlfriend told me about a much closer makeup place in Reston that she said was way better for actually getting what you want because they specialize in only makeup and she said they’re really generous with the samples. We went there once to this place called Bluemercury - I found a couple interesting articles about the company and the cofounder Barry Beck on Forbes and on SWVA Today at swvatoday.com/news/smyth_county/article_5f65db40-f581-11e7-a178-6bc530d57d84.html - and it was fabulous. It’s like when men go into an auto parts store and everything in there is just for them…but this place is for us women. So many varieties…and they let you try on just about anything you want!

Far better than buying whatever the department stores decide to give you or hoping that whatever you saw online is what you’re going to see when it shows up. This is undoubtedly a better way to get your makeup.